New TOEFL microsite in Turkey

Learn more about the TOEFL test in Turkey

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new microsite of ETS TOEFL® in Turkish!

With this new microsite, we are hoping to provide our visitors with a localised way to learn about the TOEFL iBT test and related services/solutions and to allow our visitor, whether it be a test taker, a score user, a current or prospective test center, to browse information based on their own choice and need.

Existing and prospective customers alike will find useful and updated in-language information about the TOEFL iBT test that is both general as well as specific to Turkey, such as our regular events like seminars and webinars as well as events/fairs we either attend or host in Turkey throughout the year.

We will be constantly updating our content with helpful information and TOEFL announcements – i.e. new test centers, free/paid resources, teacher workshops, student seminars/webinars, ETS TOEFL Grants and Scholarships – in the Duyurular section.  We hope you find the new microsite with in-language information, easy to access and we wish to establish this microsite as a clear and easy accessible source of information for those who visits us on the web.

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please contact TOEFL Turkey Team